Thursday, April 24, 2008

About me

Hi all, This is gonna be pictures of my boys most of all. Every now and then I may put other pictures on here.
I have 2 boys as you all can tell. My oldest is 14 and my baby is 3, I will tell any and every one don't ever have kids that far apart in age.
Mason is the oldest he is in the 7th grade at Sumner Middle School. He has had a hard time in 2007. He had 3 surgerys on his sinus. Missed a lot of shool, but is doin very well. Just got his report card he is one C, one D and the rest As. For a guy that has missed over almost half the school year I think that is very good. Mason will be 15 Feb. 1.
Adam my baby, he is 3 and this he is 15. He is ready for school and I wish he could start the school year coming but he will not be the right age I was told. He had surgery over the summer, but did fine after his. This child is all boy. He climbs on any and everything, something Mason was never bad at doing. We have to keep the doors locked in all the bedrooms, bathrooms, and even the two goin out side. When he can get out he is gone. Poor Mason runs after him all the time and brings him home from up the road. Most of the time he goes to my sister's house. Not far at all but not very safe. His lastest thing he did was take the covers off the light switches. This is my wild child.
Well for now this is it. I will write more later.
Mason 14

Adam and the gators. 4/23/08

how sweet

Mason 14, Adam 3

Adam loves Dora and wanted him some Dora PJS.

Adam takin his bath